I live in Durham, although I’m from way down South (London). I’ve been up here for about 9 years and I still struggle to understand what taxi drivers say, which frequently leads to embarrassment. I work for Mslexia, in projects and marketing, and my dream is to have a second-hand bookshop with really good coffee (and cakes…obviously with cakes. And a cat).

I’ve have a M. Litt in English Literature, specialising in Agatha Christie and Golden Age detective fiction, and am a little bit of a grammar/punctuation nut. Misuse of apostrophes makes me snippy. I love most kinds of fiction, especially thrillers and detective stories from the 1930s, owls, dinosaurs, pandas, and coffee. And cake. Sir David Attenborough is my spirit animal human.

If the blog looks a little empty currently, please read this to find out why.

Enjoy and please feel free to comment!

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love my detective fiction too 🙂 Except I specialised more in the early female detectives of the Victorian era. Feel free to stop by my blog as I’ve already included a couple of reviews on the rise of the female detective 🙂


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