Review Policy

Please note that I am not accepting review copies at the moment. 

I am happy to accept books to review from publishers, publicists and authors. I don’t have an e-reader and so can only consider print review copies, for now.

My preferred genres are crime, literary fiction, contemporary fiction and historical fiction.  I regret that I am very selective about non-fiction, although I love cookbooks and food writing, and do not accept self-help books or self-published books.

I review books because I love reading so, whilst I am always very grateful  to publishers who send me books to review, sometimes older books grab me first. Due to a busy job, reviews can take a couple of months to appear on the blog, and sometimes I just don’t get on with a book and don’t finish it.  If I feel that this is due less to the quality of the book and more to personal feelings, then I will either not review it or will try to make this clear in my review. Being sent a book does not guarantee a review.

I’m based in the U.K. and you can contact me at bibliomousebooks (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you!

1 thought on “Review Policy”

  1. Dear Sarah,
    Woman Master is my first novel (Cutting Edge Press London). My publisher is a small independent (22 writers) with limited resources. They have just lost their PR person, so I’m writing to you to ask if you would like to review my novel. If you would want a description, see
    I would be happy to send you a copy, should you be interested.
    Best regards,


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